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How to win a Poker Sponsorship


For many, poker sponsorship is a solution to all problems – it is financial security in these times of economic turmoil, it is a status symbol and recognition of your talents. Online poker is getting bigger and bigger, but as far as sponsorship deals are concerned very few are being handed out. It is no longer enough to be a high-profile poker finalist to be noticed by a poker room. You are expected to bring much more to the table than just the ability to excel at the game.

Today, poker rooms are looking for publicity and exposure as a means to attract new customers. Customer loyalty is important in an increasingly competitive poker market and online sites find it worthwhile to offer freerolls, rakeback deals and added value tournaments in a bid to retain their customers.  So, it is within this premise of customer retention that you are likely to find a sponsorship deal.

Many poker websites offer deals that allow you to exchange reward points for sponsorship packages. The more the number of raked hands you play, the more reward points you accumulate leading you towards the much desired sponsorship package. Players can also join affiliate websites or third party websites and accumulate points by playing at a poker room that they had signed up through such affiliates.

Online poker rooms make their profits through the rake they take from the players. It is due to this rake that they can afford to sponsor top players for high-profile events like the WSOP or EPT.  Obviously, the poker rooms would like to reward players who generate considerable rake at the tables. It pays to get yourself known among the poker room managers if you are one of those who generate a high amount of rake each month. This is one way for the player to negotiate a good sponsorship deal.

In order to persuade the poker room to part with some of its profits, you have to be able to convince them that you can bring in more rake if they sponsor you. There are a few other tips you could use to get yourself a great sponsorship deal if you are not lucky enough to be already famous. Firstly, you must make yourself known by networking with people in the poker circuit. Of course, it helps if you are a great poker player too.

Ensure that you play at poker rooms that have a good rewards scheme for players generating high rake. Stick to playing at such poker rooms so that you gather a good number of rewards points. Remaining loyal to the site is one way of getting noticed by the site managers and this might ultimately help with your sponsorship deal. It is also worthwhile to get involved in other aspects of poker besides just playing online. You could set up a poker blog, become an affiliate, participate in poker forums and generally be present on the poker scene.

Everything in the world of poker hinges on the rake players generate. So, if you play a lot of raked hands or can bring more customers to the website, then you will be favored for a sponsorship. It is a give and take between you and your sponsor – you have the sponsor’s best interest in mind and the sponsor in turn will reward you for your efforts.

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